Thursday, October 22, 2015

Mark + Megan

Mark and Megan are friends with my roommate, Anna, and hail from the good people from the Midwest. She is due with baby number one in a few months, and wanted to capture the new life growing inside her. We had a glorious fall day, adventuring around a little lake and chasing the sunset. 

Afterwards, I told Anna "they are lovely people...Megan didn't even flinch when I almost shoved her off a tree in an attempt to help her balance." (Sorry, Megan! You are lovely!)Excited to meet your new bundle! 


  1. I especially like the pumpkin! Beautiful photos

  2. Wow they're stunning. I love the one of them sitting downhill, it made me pause. Also the one of them sitting in the tree! Worth shoving over.....


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