Wednesday, November 5, 2014

kirk + keri + the ferry building

Old friends are the best. I knew Kirk in college, where we participated in one of the great prank wars of our time. The guys always beat us at the games, and at one point bagged up roadkill and left in on our porch. Ah, the memories. 
They celebrated their 10th anniversary by driving up the coast, and we captured these shots at one of my favorite places in san fran, the ferry building. Fall in the bay area has been quite glorious; persimmons and pomegranates, warm days and cool nights. I think I'm smitten. 
Kirk endured a ridiculous line for his first cup of blue bottle. Although leery, he did admit it was delicious. 
So fun to see you friends and hear about your lives and see how much you adore each other.  

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  1. Thanks so much Jackie! We absolutely enjoyed our time with you!


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