Wednesday, March 12, 2014

don't worry, darling, spring will come again

This week I have been annoyingly perky. Some good things are happening, but also spring has arrived in this neighborhood. For those of you still in the death grip of the polar vortex, I apologize. May this post bring you hope that you too will feel your fingers again while outside. 

I love to read The Secret Garden by Francis Hodgson Burnett in the spring. Mock as you will, but you spend three winters in the gray of lansing michigan, and then tell me what you do to make it through march. Reading about mary and colin was on the very healthy end of the spectrum of ways we made it through the dreaded season of slush.  
"Things are crowding up out of the earth,' she ran on in a hurry. 'And there are flowers uncurling and buds on everything and the green veil has covered nearly all the gray and the birds are in such a hurry about their nests for fear they may be too late that some of them are even fighting for places in the secret garden. And the rose-bushes look as wick as wick can be, and there are primroses in the lanes and woods, and the seeds we planted are up, and Dickon has brought the fox and the crow and the squirrels and a new-born lamb."

Doesn't this make you want to be in the English countryside frolicking in the gardens? And see persnickety children come alive and lose their brattiness because they are digging and playing in the great outdoors? 

No? Okay, fine, be a debbie downer. I told you I was a little too perky this week. For the last few weeks, I've been living with my friends in a quaint little place off of piedmont avenue. Flowers have been bursting into life lately, and inspired these photos called "the blooms of piedmont" 

These photos are available in prints right now. Cards for all of your spring event needs are coming next week....Before we know it, mother's day, baby showers and the wedding season will be here. And april fool's day - one of the very best holidays of the year.  

For more information, go to the paper + sky facebook page or feel free to email 

Happy spring! 


  1. Thanks for reassuring us that spring indeed will come!! We had another 6 inches of snow with a snow day because of the ice under the snow today!! L enjoyed playing outdoors for an hour while I baked chocolate chip cookies and watched out the kitchen door! I am so looking forward to flowers, gentle breezes and warmer temperatures!! Hope you are doing well! Love you!

    1. I forgot to say that I love The Secret Garden as well and have read it many times!!

  2. You: annoyingly perky, me: green with envy!!! Amazing flowers, great pics.
    mama kay

  3. love all the photos!! i too, loooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeee the secret garden!!!
    piedmont must be bursting! thanks for giving us a glimmer into your strolls through the landscape!

    love you, a. dar


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