Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Grandma's Library: A Mother's Day Project in Liberia for our Mama

If you would have told my mom ten years ago that she would have 80+ kids in Liberia calling her grandma, she would have called you crazy. But here she is, with the kids who love her dearly. When I was there this fall, every time we would come to the orphanage, they would surround the car and yell at my parents "Grandma, grandpa, grandma, grandpa!!" We joke that they had to go abroad for grandkids since we haven't given them any in america yet. 

My mom loves reading and always has a book in her hand. For years, she has thought about how to provide the kids in Liberia more opportunities for reading. Last year, we pulled out all of the current books and discovered they were full of mildew and mold and many of them were outdated textbooks. We did get to give them their own Bibles, which they were so excited about! 

Because of Mama Kay's persistence, the plans are now in full swing for Grandma's library at two orphanages. She is so excited about this project and can't wait for the kids to have access to more books. (And she has no idea I am writing this blog and will be a little embarrassed I'm sure.) 
For Mother's Day this year, jen, jason and I are trying to raise the rest of the funds for the project. (we were going to make her handprint cards with paint, but decided she had enough of those). We think the best present would be for her to know her grandbabies have the opportunity to read. 

We need $3500 total and have over $1800 already raised, with the generous support of many people. There are also opportunities for sponsoring kids - there are only have 11 left who need sponsors! If you would like to help, email jackie at paperandskycrafts@gmail.com. 

the spring sessions: the wons

We found a few moments of sunshine in the chilly midwest spring and had a great time with the Wons. I knew June from college, where we spent the majority of our time together laughing. 

 I don't always get to see treats like these from my families....here is their last family photo - seemed like they need an update! I love the look on the little man's face. He is soooo thrilled to have his picture taken!!   

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

babylove: joshua

This little session was full of snuggles and a sweet new baby boy. Big sister anna was more than willing to be photographed, and currently has one of my favorite laughs....with a spirit much bigger than her two year old self. I love being a part of these moments, the fatigue and joy of the first few days, everyone together and all of us thankful for new life. 


welcome, love. 
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