Monday, September 23, 2013

Life in Uganda: Update Six

Meet Patience and Viola...two very funny girls. Viola likes to stick her head between my tank top and t-shirt, and constantly taps me, yelling "Madam, Madam, Madam!!" Patience has a gleam in her eye and is always up for dancing with me. 
So you can see how these kids have captured my heart completely. Although they really ridiculous and out of control at times, they are hilarious. Some days I am very ready for school to be out, but most of the time, I genuinely enjoy the days. 
Teacher Bekah and her crazies. 
One big challenge is figuring out how to discipline the kids. In this culture, it is normal at home and at school, to beat the children when they don't behave. So, there are obviously a lot of sad stories as a result. But it makes discipline at Legacy really difficult, because anything less than beatings doesn't seem like discipline for the trouble kids. I definitely didn't anticipate this factor, so it has been hard to process. Anyway, prayer for good solutions is appreciated. 


  1. Thanks for the update! Will be praying about the discipline issue. The picture of the little boy praying is so beautiful- brought tears to my eyes!

  2. Your pics are so great! Please keep sending them!! Will b praying for u all about the discipline issue. Love u! A. Tricia


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