Saturday, September 14, 2013

Life in Uganda: Update Five

It's been another full week in, Bible studies, wandering in the village, and a few snakes to keep things exciting. 
 They killed two green mambas this week - one day, walking back from Bible study, a bunch of people were gathered around throwing rocks into a tree....the next day, these snakes had their last. 
 This was quite the event, so a bunch of us went down to see. You have to have a little party when a seven foot snake gets killed within walking distance of your house. 
This is Rose, who made me a ridiculous amount of food and taught me her tribal dance. 
 They let the babies go strong and free here. Not too shabby, until you have to sit on the dirt. Then things get tricky. 

I'll be taking lots of pictures at school next week, so I'll post some then. 

lots of love, jackie 

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