Friday, February 7, 2014

The Girl & Her Map

the open road, one of my favorite places. my friend leah and i recently braved the polar vortex by driving across america in january. risky business. but we actually stumbled upon great weather and spent many of our days exploring the great outdoors. many friends took us in along the way, making for a delightful tour on the great trip west. 

i found this 1970s pontiac guide to america and talked leah into letting me pose her in some strange places to represent each state. my goal is to do all of the states, but i don't know if she can take that much more travel with me. we might need crates of snyder's honey mustard and onion pretzels to make it through that trek. 

* the girl and her map * 
* illinois *
* missouri *
 * kansas *
* colorado *
* new mexico *
* arizona * 


  1. Been waiting for this! Love it and you. God bless Leah for her "good sportiness"!!

    mama kay

  2. I looooooooooove the Missouri one with the BBQ fingers!!!

    1. thanks for the hot tip....thought this would represent MO in a good way!

  3. Super-cool. I'm with JudgeJudy - love the BBQ one!


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