Thursday, November 14, 2013

Life in Liberia!

Flying over Africa was an adventure, but I have made it safely to Liberia. Moments before we were supposed to land, the pilot announced that the runway was closed in the Monrovia airport. What? There was no explanation offered and we began circling low and swinging violently over the water. Just when everyone was getting a little panicky to the point of holding hands with strangers in the next seat, we landed the plane in the opposite way that all other air traffic lands and somehow arrived in one piece. None of the crew blinked an eye, but ushered us off the plane as normal. Welcome to Monrovia, people!

It's been great to hang out with my parents and our dear Liberian friends, Emmanuel and Ramona and to get to spend time at the orphanages. Mama Kay had her birthday last week, so celebrating her in Liberia took on a different flavor than central Illinois. (let's just say there isn't usually African dancing at Kay's birthday parties. dark chocolate, yes. booty shaking, no.)

 The reality of life here has been shocking in a different way than the village in Uganda. It has been 10 years since the civil war has ended, and the city is still trying to rebuild after a 14 year period of violence. Life is hard here. Yet it has been amazing to see the joy in the kids and what there lives are like compared to what they could be if they weren't living in the orphanage. This picture above is a girl named Nelly, one of the deaf kids that lives in the orphanage. In this culture, she is considered cursed, and may be a slave or living on the streets if she wasn't in the home. It is devastating to think about how her sweet spirit would be so different if she wasn't protected. 

It has been an intense time, yet filled with laughter and hope. I am amazed at the tenacity of the people and especially the grit and perseverance of those working day after day to make Liberia a better place. 


  1. As they say in Liberia, "God is good, ALL THE TIME" Love, Dad

  2. Thanks so much for sharing Liberia through your eyes...and your camera...Precious!
    Blessings, Marty

  3. Loved, loved, loved your post! Such beautiful pictures of the children. (Kay and Keith look pretty good, too! :) Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks for sharing Jackie! Nellay is my sponsored child and I LOVE this picture you captured of her. She looks so happy! Made me smile! :)


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