Thursday, October 31, 2013

Life in Uganda: Update Nine

Last week we got to go on a little getaway and do a safari. It was pretty surreal and I may have squealed when I saw the first giraffe! One of the highlights was seeing this guy and his friend about fifteen feet from our van. 

 Our crazy guide, Farouck, had amazing eyes and found the lions for us. In this picture, he is standing between the lions and the water buffalo, and was actually more scared of the buffalo. He kept yelling "mind the buffalo"!! (not a phrase you hear every day) 

Trying to recreate the into the wild cover photo....we also pretended we were national geographic photographers. 

It was a pretty epic trip overall...couldn't quite believe I was really experiencing it. I am heading to Liberia this weekend, meeting my mama and starting another part of this adventure. I have many more stories and photos, and I'll try post those soon. 

Here's the link to an article I wrote for the gospel coalition while I was here: How God Changes Us While We 'Change' the World

much love! 


  1. Looks like so much fun to be that close to the animals. We are praying for you as you leave there and meet your Mama in Liberia. Safe travels my dear!! Love you, Aunt Marilyn

  2. Jackie! Such amazing photos!! Miss you, friend!!


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