Thursday, August 1, 2013

Dance With Me Dorothy

This little lady turned 80 last spring, and decided she wanted a party by getting as many of her family together as she possibly could. So we all piled into our cars, planes, and a huge van called "the white dove" and spent the weekend at a school turned hotel, which was as strange as it sounds. 

To say that we laugh a lot when we get together is an understatement. I attribute much of this to this generation, dorothy's kids and spouses (who call themselves the outlaws instead of the in-laws). They are often much more the instigators than their children. 

During most of our family events, we play some sort of stupid game. There is much pressure to be a good sport, and everyone knows they will get mocked if they don't participate. So, everyone usually just goes along with it. (Let's just say blindfolded leap frog is harder than it sounds!)

This time, I accomplished one of my long-time goals: playing Human Battleship. Each team obediently formed "boats" of 2-5 people, and sat still as water balloons were launched over the wall at their heads. 
Not surprisingly, their patience wore thin and anarchy soon broke out and an all-out assault began. I'll still call it a success, although I want to try it some time with ketchup or red jello. Take it up a notch, you know? 
But moving on, we soon began our next activity of throwing cheese puffs....
....onto humans dressed as...well I am not sure, exactly. But I told you these people were good sports. 
And now for the big finish....dorothy said she wanted a show, so a show she got. The grand-men dolled up their bellies and performed a whistling song. Absurd? yes. Entertaining? Absolutely. 
After a small kick-line by the granddaughters, we busted out this song by the creepy kids' group, The Wiggles. A few of my cousins are wizards at finding just the right tune for the occasion. 

And Dorothy did dance with us, because she is the queen of crazy. Although she did have a bit of trouble walking up the stairs because she said she was laughing too hard. 

If I'm doing anything close to this when I turn 80, it will be a good life. We love you gram! 


  1. oh my gosh, I love your family so much!!! you guys are crazy. Wish I had seen that shirtless thing prior to my wedding...definitely would've been the groomsmen attire.

  2. what a gets better in my memory everyday!!!

    thanks for posting this amazing tale!

    Love you

    A. Bean

  3. Wonderfully and rediculous. I came into the weekend thinking of how exhausted I'd be by the end, but in reality being around so many people who deeply love you and care about your life is so special. Love this family more and more each time we are together. Btw, we are still accepting applications for our friends to join up ;).

  4. I laughed so hard again while reading this and reliving the weekend. Why do we always go along with everything instead of saying No Way? I guess we are good sports and would be made fun of if we didn't join in!
    Anyway you have a way with words Jackie and I loved reading this post!
    Auntie M

  5. Wow Jackie! Your real life is crazier than college ministry life! Love that this is your family - it explains so much. Haha ;)

  6. Fun times with family are the best! Glad that everyone enjoyed themselves and you captured all the pictures to help everyone remember.


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